We’re back on Sunday Brunch!

You’ll never believe it, but this Sunday morning the great sausage boss of Cannon & Cannon, Sean Cannon, has been asked to return to appear on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch!

In his second outing on the show, he’ll be joining hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer and their other famous guests to talk British charcuterie and meaty snacks. Sean will be telling the guys about some more delicious British charcuterie in its bitesize form and why you should put down the scampi fries and reach for the salami. After some arduous taste testing we can safely say that Sean has chosen some absolute stunners for the guys… Look out for some unique blue cheese snacking salamis from Somerset, British biltong made here in London, some chilli pineapple jerky and a spreadable salami on toast!  Sean will be guiding the hosts and their guests through a tasting as before, but fortunately the slug salami won’t be making an appearance.

We’ve selected some of Cannon & Cannon’s finest cuts for the occasion which are sure to impress Tim and Simon. These are all sourced from fantastic artisanal producers across the UK, who we are proud to say are some of the best in the world. What a morning it’s going to be.  

Tune in this Sunday 15th October from 9.30am to 12.30pm to see Sean (otherwise known as the Hogfather) in action and hear about amazing British meat snacks. To get your hands on some delicious charcuterie at home, visit our online shop.