Two Bundles Of Joy Now Up On The Website

Initially, we did think about formally announcing this in the births, marriages and deaths section, in the back of the Norwich Evening News. But that would only let a select few in on the exciting revelation, that there are now two bundles of cured meat joy available to buy from our online shop.

So here we are!

First up is the Cannon & Cannon Sliced Bundle, featuring four of our newly branded retail packs. For your delectation, you can now order seaweed and cider salami, plus some matured coppa from Cornish Charcuterie. And two signature salamis from Moons Green – rosemary and garlic, along with truffle and wild mushroom.

Coming in at £12.50 a bundle, the financially astute among you will no doubt spot a rather good deal here. But like we say, this is by no means entry level stuff.

Next is the Cannon & Cannon Beer Stick Bundle. We worked all through the night to come up with the name for that one. However, the main inspiration to pool together three gloriously flavoured meat sticks – including truffle and reggae – was born out of discussion about the current Six Nations rugby championship.

It was agreed that whilst passion and ale often goes (or flows) hand in hand when watching big games, food served can often be left wanting. At home or at the stadium, you need something portable, not too messy and a bite that delivers immediate satisfaction. Beer sticks do all of that. So it’s a no-brainer really and at £15 for a bundle that includes 18 sticks, that’s more than enough to keep you going for 80 minutes. Or 90, if football is more your thing.

In keeping with the sporting theme of this newsletter and to sign off, we also thought we should give you the low down on our Discovery Box lined up for early March, as we are going to be partnering up with Serious Pig for this one. Formula One returns. The Women’s T20 World Cup concludes in Melbourne. And of course, the Six Nations tournament culminates on the 14th March – otherwise known as Super Saturday.

If you are fan of any of those events, we urge you to sign up soon because the ultimate sporting snacking box is coming and you are going to need all the energy you can get.

Because it’s tough work you know. All that screaming and shouting at the TV.