Tin – The Pork Free Cured Meat Tin


Cured meat without the pork?  Oh yes.  Tuck into this tasty selection.

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Cured meat = Pork?  Think again!  Our pork-free collection features lamb, mutton, venison and beef, made by incredibly talented producers working from the majestic beauty of Scotland’s Great Glen to the green and rolling hills of Dorset.  And all neatly packaged in a jaunty tin.

  • Trealy Farm Charcuterie Welsh Lamb Merguez Salami (80g): Made by Trealy Farm Charcuterie in Monmouthshire, this clean, lemony salami is made from Welsh lamb, with subtle use of herbs and spices. Has a beef casing.
  • Cannon & Cannon selects range: English Jerky with Pineapple & Chilli (40g): Made in Worcestershire by Big Horn Biltong, this fantastic snack can be eaten at all times especially good with beer! Using Rare Breed Beef and layers of umami flavours with chilli flakes and sweet pineapple juice.
  • Limpopo Butcher’s Choice Biltong (50g): Made by a South African, so there’s an air of authenticity, but he makes it in West London with brilliant British beef. The Butcher’s Choice is herby with a moreish tang. Despite the flavouring, though, it’s the quality of the beef that lasts longest in the mouth.
  • Capreolus air dried beef (sliced) (50g): Capreolus are the award winning Dorset charcuterie, and their beef is from the silverside of grass fed Aberdeen Angus cows – a superb but delicate beefiness is the amazing flavour here.
  • Capreolus smoked mutton (sliced) (50g) : Capreolus are the award winning Dorset charcuterie, and their smoked mutton is from sheep bred in Dorset and the West Country and is cured with rosemary, juniper, garlic, black pepper, and port. It is then air-dried before being smoked over beech wood.
  • Cannon & Cannon selects range: Scottish Venison Salami with Green Peppercorns (60g): Made by Great Glen Charcuterie, this moist, lean salami is made with wild red deer, whole green peppercorns and a little spice and lightly oak-smoked.

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Product Allergy Advice

English Jerky with Rare Bread Beef, Pineapple & Chilli: Contains FISH, WHEAT (GLUTEN), BARLEY (GLUTEN) and SOYBEAN/SOYA., Limpopo Butcher’s Choice Biltong: Contains FISH, CELERY, SULPHITES/SULPHUR DIOXIDE, MILK, EGG, SOY BEAN/SOYA, WHEAT (GLUTEN), BARLEY (GLUTEN)


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