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This collection contains everything you need to delight party guests. We have curated an array of cured meats which beautifully compliment one another and would make the ideal and easy start to your festive dinner party. All you need to do is take it out and put it on a serving platter.

  • Cannon & Cannon selects range: English Salami with Rare Breed Pork, Seaweed and Cider (60g): Made by Cornish Charcuterie near Bude, this salami is hand crafted on the farm using their own rare breed Lop pork and Cornish beef.  The seaweed is gathered off the coast of St. Ives and they use locally produced North Coast Cider.
  • Cannon & Cannon selects range: Welsh Salami with Veal, Pork, Sage & Thyme (60g):  Made by Trealy Farm Charcuterie in Monmouthshire, the Veal is from Bocaddon Farm, and mixed with pork, sage and thyme.
  • Cannon & Cannon selects range: Scottish Venison Salami with Green Peppercorns (60g): Made by Great Glen Charcuterie, this moist, lean salami is made with wild red deer, whole green peppercorns, a little spice and lightly oak-smoked.
  • Cannon & Cannon selects range: English Coppa with Rare Breed Pork (60g): Made by Cornish Charcuterie near Bude, this artisan Cornish Coppa is a delicious cured cut prepared from the shoulder and nape of farm reared Lop pigs.  Beautifully seasoned, cured and matured for 4 months, this is well worth the wait.
  • Capreolus air dried beef (sliced) (50g): Capreolus are the award winning Dorset charcuterie, and their beef is from the silverside of grass fed Aberdeen Angus cows – a superb but delicate beefiness is the amazing flavour here.
  • Cornish Charcuterie Salt and Pepper Lardo (60g): This is a Cornish interpretation of the classic Italian cured back fat. Using their own Lop pigs, which have a buttery smooth fat, Cornish Charcuterie have delicately cured this and added a dusting of salt and spiky black pepper to give it some heat.
  • Highland Charcuterie Pork rillette (160g): Made in the Highlands of Scotland.
  • Lishman’s Nduja (140g): Made in Ilkley in Yorkshire. Pronounced un-doo-yah (although a lot of us like to call it Nudger too!) this is a soft spreading salami with Italian origins. It is seriously spicy; seasoned with cayenne pepper and chilli and has a wonderful melting quality.
  • Rosie’s Bread and Butter Pickles (270g): Made in Wiltshire, this outstanding Bread and Butter Pickle is a traditional recipe that preserves a taste of summer. Cucumbers and onion are preserved in cider vinegar, sugar and a little spice to give a fresh crisp taste. There is no bread or butter in it!
  • Sussex Wildflower Honey (42g): Made from a wide range of wildflowers situated on the beautiful South Downs and harvested twice a year. It goes brilliantly drizzled over some nduja on toast or crackers.
  • Popti Seaweed Savoury Thins (120g): Hand foraged Cornish seaweed takes these crackers to another level. Umami savoury notes partner beautifully with salami.


Additional information

Product Allergy Advice

Cannon & Cannon English Salami with Rare Breed Pork, Seaweed and Cider: Contains SULPHUR DIOXIDE/SULPHITES, Popti Seaweed Savoury Thins: Contains WHEAT (GLUTEN), MILK, FISH, CELERY, Rosie’s Bread and Butter Pickles: Contains MUSTARD and SULPHUR DIOXIDE/SULPHITES

Honey Safety Advice

Raw honey. Not suitable for infants less than 12 months old.


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