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The keto, atkins and lo-carb diet revolution is well underway and you know what, it works! Cut out the bread and the pasta and get into the eggs and the meat. This tin will start your journey. It is time to feel the Protein Power!
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  • Cannon & Cannon selects range: English Biltong with Rare Breed Beef (55g):Made in Worcestershire by Big Horn Biltong, simply put, because they believe that beef that has been reared in a totally free-range and stress-free environment, feeding on grass, hay and silage, produces a meat that is not only succulent but also full of flavour. They only buy the finest pedigree rare breed beef born and reared in the UK. This has a simple herb blend and is a certified ‘paleo’ high protein product.
  • Cannon & Cannon selects range:English Jerky with Rare Bread Beef, Rosemary & Red Wine (40g): Made in Worcestershire by Big Horn Biltong, this jerky has deeply beefy deliciousness; with a generous slug of red wine in every mouthful! This high protein snack, uses Rare Breed Beef. A fantastic guilt free snack to be eaten at all times, especially good with red wine or the tipple of your choosing! What an amazing alternative to a bag of crisps.
  • Limpopo Butcher’s Choice Biltong (50g): Made by a South African, so there’s an air of authenticity, but he makes it in West London with brilliant British beef. The Butcher’s Choice is herby with a moreish tang. Despite the flavouring, though, it’s the quality of the beef that lasts longest in the mouth.
  • Limpopo Chilli Biltong (50g):The addition of some Birdseye chilli gives Francois’ chilli version a lovely kick.
  • Beersticks (12): The famous Moons Green beerstick is a cracking snacking salami that partners beautifully with a cool glass of beer, and has a great kick of Malawian chilli, and a hint of garlic and paprika.
  • Ducksticks (12): These luxurious and morish snacking salamis are made by Moons Green charcuterie on the Kent/Sussex border, and contain port and duck, with a little garlic, orange peel, spices and herbs.
  • Great Glen Charcuterie Chilli Venison Chorizo (whole) (65g): Great Glen Charcuterie is in the heart of the Highlands, near Fort William, and their Chilli Chorizo is a lean, moist salami made from wild red deer, with spices, a little chilli and lightly oak-smoked.
  • Lishman’s Beef and Red Wine Pepperoni (whole) (100g): Made in Ilkley and winner of a great taste award, this Yorkshire beef & pork is seasoned with fennel & cayenne to create a lightly spiced salami.

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English Jerky with Rare Bread Beef, Rosemary & Red Wine: Contains FISH, WHEAT (GLUTEN), BARLEY (GLUTEN) and SOYBEAN/SOYA, Limpopo Butcher’s Choice Biltong: Contains FISH, CELERY, SULPHITES/SULPHUR DIOXIDE, MILK, EGG, SOY BEAN/SOYA, WHEAT (GLUTEN), BARLEY (GLUTEN), Limpopo Chilli Biltong: Contains FISH, CELERY, SULPHITES/SULPHUR DIOXIDE, MILK, EGG, SOY BEAN/SOYA, WHEAT (GLUTEN), BARLEY (GLUTEN), Lishman’s Beef and Red Wine Pepperoni: Contains SULPHUR DIOXIDE/SULPHITES

Protein Power

All products in this tin are a Source of Protein (over 12% of energy is provided by protein).


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