The Pasture Fed Christmas Tin (made from 100% vegans) – Cannon & Cannon

The Pasture Fed Christmas Tin (made from 100% vegans)


This item will ship in the middle of December in time for Christmas.

Available on back-order



Here at Cannon & Cannon, we are thrilled to launch our very first Pasture Fed Tin, just in time for Christmas.

Produced using animals that not only have been raised ethically and sustainably, but also reared on a purely vegan diet, we believe that these wonderful cured meats would make the perfect gift for the conscientious and discerning.

Wonderful with port, sherry or pure, unadulterated carrot juice.

  • Cornish Charcuterie Seaweed and Cider (whole) (65g): Made by Cornish Charcuterie near Bude, this salami is hand crafted on the farm using their own rare breed Lop pork and Cornish beef.  The seaweed is gathered off the coast of St. Ives and they use locally produced North Coast Cider.
  • Great Glen Charcuterie Chilli Venison Chorizo (whole) (65g): Great Glen Charcuterie is in the heart of the Highlands, near Fort William, and their Chilli Chorizo is a lean, moist salami made from wild red deer, with spices, a little chilli and lightly oak-smoked.
  • Cannon & Cannon selects range: English Coppa with Rare Breed Pork (60g): Made by Cornish Charcuterie near Bude, this artisan Cornish Coppa is a delicious cured cut prepared from the shoulder and nape of farm reared Lop pigs.  Beautifully seasoned, cured and matured for 4 months, this is well worth the wait.
  • Capreolus smoked mutton (sliced) (50g): Capreolus are the award winning Dorset charcuterie, and their smoked mutton is from sheep bred in Dorset and the West Country and is cured with rosemary, juniper, garlic, black pepper, and port. It is then air-dried before being smoked over beech wood.
  • Moons Green Mushroom and truffle salami (whole) (65g): Made by Moons Green in Kent, this particular sausage uses French ceps and truffle oil for a beautifully balanced, earthy undertone. There’s a lot going on here, but it’s subtle, rather than in-your-face as some truffle flavoured products can be. Savour it with your favourite claret or craft beer.
  • Trealy Farm Charcuterie Welsh Lamb Merguez Salami (80g): Made by Trealy Farm Charcuterie in Monmouthshire, this clean, lemony salami is made from Welsh lamb, with subtle use of herbs and spices. Has a beef casing.
  • Cannon & Cannon selects range: Worcestershire Longhorn Biltong (35g): The wonderful people at BigHorn Biltong in Worcestershire are making some seriously premium beefy snacks! Their beef has been reared in a totally free-range and stress-free environment, feeding on grass, hay and silage, and so produces a meat that is not only succulent but also full of flavour.

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