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The Cannon & Cannon Beer Stick Bundle


The big game is coming up. Liquid refreshment is chilling in the fridge. But aren’t you missing something?

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Lucky for us, the sporting calendar in the UK is full and bustling throughout the year. Which means that not one weekend should pass by without the opportunity for cheering, cavorting and commiserating with friends and family in front of the television. And here at Cannon & Cannon, certain tournaments can be a great source of affable, if not sarcastic rivalry – especially when the Six Nations is on.

When watching the big game, an added ingredient often comes in the form of beer – and where there is beer, we believe that there should be cured meat to compliment.

Which is why we have created the Cannon & Cannon Beer Stick Bundle. This selection from Moons Green can be paired with a whole variety of ales – ranging from dark malts, through to refreshing IPAs and even on to those trendy sours.

Plus there is the added benefit of lining your stomach. No one wants to be caught napping before the final whistle.


  • 6 Moons Green Beer Sticks – One of the first products developed down in Kent was this fine stick made from minced free range pork shoulder from locally sourced pigs. It will give your throat a little tickle but this is the perfect companion for an ice cold Pilsner.
  • 6 Moons Green Truffle Sticks – Complex and earthy, this stick will appeal to the true aficionados. Those who seek out Saisons and Belgian styles should be very impressed with the combination that this mighty stick provides.
  • 6 Moons Green Reggae Sticks – Fantastic with citrus led IPAs and fruitier styles of beer. Give this stick one big bite, along with a generous draft and the fiery, sweet flavours will soon be dancing on your tongue.

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Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Once opened, eat within 10 days.

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