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Tempus Charcuterie Chestnut Smoked Coppa


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Tempus Charcuterie have a very simple philosophy: in order to make great charcuterie, you have to start with great pigs. 

Tom Whitaker and Dhruv Baker spent a number of years curing a range of British heritage breeds to make their charcuterie and from that, selected the Large Black as their pig of choice.  The pork from the Large Black has a wonderful depth of flavour and the optimal ratio of lean to fat to create exceptional charcuterie.

Coppa is our Founder Sean Cannon’s favourite cut and we agree with Tempus that it needs little added as it is already so good, but a hint of smoke alongside the natural sweetness gives us a truly great product. Cured and aged like a traditional coppa, we give it a very gentle smoke, giving a unique product and flavour profile.

Additional information

Product Name

Ready to eat sliced, cured and chestnut wood smoked pork collar.


Pork, Salt, Black Pepper, Red Wine, Preservative (Sodium Nitrite).
Prepared using natural beef casing.


Store in refrigerator upon receipt. Once opened, keep refrigerated and eat within 3 days.



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