Moons Green Fiery ‘nduja


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This is Moons Green’s version of Calabria’s soft and spicy spreading salami. John uses a blend of fresh chillies and dried bird’s eye chillies from Malawi. The rest is mostly pork fat, though there’s a little fennel and also shoulder and leg meat too. Use this to give your sandwiches, pizzas and pasta dishes a real kick. Presented in a rather lovely and practical tube.

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Ready to eat cured, air dried soft spreading salami made with Pork and fresh & dried chillies.


British Pork Leg, Sea Salt, Fresh Chillies, Fresh Romano Peppers, Salt, Smoked Paprika, Dried Chillies, Black Pepper, Fennel, Preservatives (E252, E250).
Made with 200g pork per 100g finished product. Filled into natural Spanish casing.


Store refrigerated upon receipt. Once opened, Fiery Nduja is best kept wrapped in greaseproof paper and stored in the fridge. Eat within one week of opening.


200g min.

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