Perfect Pairs – Meat & Wine with Borough Wines

It may seem obvious to put charcuterie and wine together. They are intrinsically linked on menus around the world yet specific flavour profiles are rarely examined in depth. Enter Cannon & Cannon and Borough Wines – two companies hellbent on finding delicious meat and booze and telling as many people as we can about it.

So it was with great excitement that on Thursday 6th July we welcomed the hugely talented and knowledgable Ian from Borough Wines to our HQ for an evening of cured meat and wine pairings. We’d previously curated a unique menu for the event around the theme of ‘Off the beaten track’; choosing unusual wines from unusual regions along with some of our more unique charcuterie products. We always try to create interesting pairings that provoke debate and discussion, and promote the drinking of even more unusual wine..

To kick things off – a sherry. Sherry is experiencing something of a renaissance in recent years. The public perception and knowledge of Finos, Amontillados et al is on the rise, so we thought we’d blend the savoury notes of a Palo Cortado sherry with a perky Cornish chorizo and a heavily spiced brawn (salami made from the pig’s head) from Hackney of all places. A few raised eyebrows at the brawn aside, this combination hit the spot, matching savoury nuttiness with soft and spicy. A strong start.

Rosé is the wine that more or less defines the summer. We took our search for the perfect rosé of the beaten track to Portugal to find a Vinho Verde rosé. The floral and refreshing qualities of this superb wine lent themselves rather well to some of our citrus-seasoned salamis, with a particular smash hit being the veal, lemon and thyme salami from Trealy Farm in South Wales.

Surprisingly our guests were still ‘Hungary’ for more so we treated them to a rather fine dry Tokaji wine, a particularly unusual spin on the more well known sweet wine. With the overripe grapes removed from the process, this wine still had an essence of sweetness but a lovely dry and crisp finish. A great way to accent the underlying sugar in the wine was to sample a lightly smoked, honey and red wine cured lamb leg from Kent. A highly unusual and delicious product, this was perhaps the overall winner of the evening, with the audience in veritable raptures by this point.

Before the curtain came down on our evening of indulgence we treated our guests to ‘pudding’. In this case ‘pudding’ consisted of sliced smoked duck breast and wild Scottish venison salami, washed down with an unusual Gamay/Pinot Noir blend from the Loire Valley. Served chilled, this was the perfect summer wine; potentially too moreish to end the evening on!

If you would like to sample some delightful British charcuterie and Borough Wines’ carefully selected greatest hits then please join us for the next edition on Thursday 3rd August and monthly thereafter. We’ll be matching wines from ‘Summer Holidays’ and generally having a fun and delicious evening!