Love Is…A Lovely Slice of Cured Meat

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you haven’t sorted out a gift for a loved one, or secret admirer, then you are going to have to get a move on. Tout suite!

Especially if you’ve been keeping an eye on our Love Your Planet Valentine’s Tin – featuring cured meats from Trealy Farm and Great Glen Charcuterie, organic raw chocolate from Conscious Chocolate and your very own tree planted by Tree Nation.

This box of romantic goodies has proved to be very popular and there are not many left now, so get one before they’re gone.

Of course, here at Cannon & Cannon, we do have plenty of other options available to get you in the mood for l’amour and we had a bit of brainstorm in the office today, as to what would possibly be the most tempting British charcuterie to eat on February 14th. And how to serve it up.

See what you think.


‘For my wife and I, I’d for go for something like our Highland pork rillette, served either with two spoons, so that we could feed each other in front of a roaring fire. With bread too, wine, butter, hmm…’


Beer sticks! No hear me out. I think they would be great for an aperitif, a little taste bud warmer before serving up a delicious meal to share – we’re rather partial to Thai and Vietnamese food, so a spicy starts suits. And we love beer.’


‘Nduja all the way baby. You’ve got to have something properly fiery to get you in the mood. And I’d probably stick it on pizza with some Gorgonzola. What are you looking at me like that for? Nothing wrong with pizza on Valentine’s!’


‘Can I put my hand up for some jerky? Oh stop laughing. I mean it. I reckon some of our pineapple and chilli Longhorn would be a fantastic treat. Especially with a crisp glass of fizz, like Chapel Down or something.’


‘OK. Picture this. My game plan is lie myself down in the bedroom and cover myself in loads and loads of slices of Cornish seaweed and cider salami, sans clothes. Sort of recreate that scene from American Beauty, where Mena Suvari is covered in rose petals? That would be a great surprise…no, treat for my wife. What do you reckon?’