Introducing: Heroes of Craft and The Pasture Fed Tin (Made from 100% Vegans)

We can’t hold off any longer folks. Sooner or later, we’re going to have to talk about it. And rather than kick the can down the road, it’s probably best we get this over and done with.

Right now.


Christmas is coming.

We know already that some of you will be howling with grief at the mere suggestion – with thoughts of endless trudging around streets and despondently peering in shop windows. But wipe those tears away because we’ve got just the solution for all your gifting woes: Cured. Meat. Tins.

Delivered straight to your door.

Better still, alongside our regular array of artisanal boxed delights – ranging from introductions to British charcuterie through to the connoisseur – there are now two new stars in the line up.

Our Heroes of Craft Tin and The Pasture Fed Tin (made from 100% vegans). Drum roll, if you please!

The first is a celebration of the quiet champions and hidden producers. The people who go the extra mile to create food and drink that is not only unique, individual and quirky but delicious too. Containing some stunning Côtes-du-Rhône, cheese, chocolate and some very good truffled salami too – this is just the present to reward the Clark Kent or Natasha Romanoff in your life.

Then there is the second. A collection including some exquisite coppa, chorizo and smoked mutton that will not only soothe your stomach, but also your conscience too.

Produced using animals that have been raised ethically, sustainably and reared on a purely vegan diet, we believe that the excellent cured meats that have been made from them would make the perfect gift for the principled and discerning.

Plus they are wonderful with port, sherry or some pure, unadulterated carrot juice.

You can place an order for these both of these tins now and we will ship them mid-December just in time for the big day.

Now then. Isn’t it a lovely feeling knowing that Christmas is all sorted out in October?

Don’t you think?

The Cannon & Cannon Team