Eight Christmas Crackers From Cannon & Cannon

If you are looking to spread some cheer for the forthcoming festive season, then look no further.

Here at Cannon & Cannon, we have no less than eight Christmas crackers to place under the tree for a loved one, grumpy Uncle or ‘difficult to buy for’ family friend.

Once that wrapping is ripped off and tossed aside, we can guarantee that any one of these tins will deliver whoops of joy in the morning.

Don’t blame us if they shun the turkey though. We cannot take responsibility* for swollen bellies before the Queen’s Speech.

*Well, we suppose we can…


The Pasture Fed Christmas Tin (Made from 100% Vegans) – £35

Ethical, sustainable and ultimately delicious, the cured meat in this tin comes from animals reared on a purely vegan diet. It will not only soothe your tastebuds, but also your conscience. Fact.

The Heroes of Craft Christmas Tin – £70

Filled with handcrafted wine, cheese, chocolate and salami, this is the sort of present that would come with the David Bowie seal of approval. Were he still alive. (Bless him.)

The Introduction to British Cured Meat Tin – £35

We’ve all gotta start somewhere, right? And for those uninitiated or unaware of the pleasures of British charcuterie, this the perfect debut. One bite and they will be off.

The Pork Free Cured Meat Tin – £35

It’s not always about the pig when it comes to cured meat you know. Featuring lamb, mutton, venison and beef, the selection in this box will delight and surprise you in equal measure.

The Beer and Cured Meat Tin – £35

Simply put, the wonderful worlds of beer and cured meat are made for each other. Porter with Blood Salami. IPA with Pineapple Jerky. It just doesn’t get any better than that. (And that’s not the booze talking.)

Cured Meat and Fine Wine Pairing Tin – £55

How many ways can we describe the pairings that we have conjured up for this tin? Sophisticated? Resplendent? Urbane? Well, look, there’s simply not enough, darling.

The Perfect Charcuterie Board – £55

If a Christmas party is on the cards, this would be a foolproof gift for the hosts. Full of the best cured meat from Cannon & Cannon,
they will love you forever, sweeping aside any pineapple and cheese sticks already on the table.

Connoisseurs Collection – £55

We all like to think of ourselves as arbiters of good taste and most of us are. Taking possession of the contents in this tin though isone of the only ways to affirm it. The food lover in your life will…well, they’ll love you for it.