C&C Launches the Meat Amnesty

There is no denying that the UK’s service stations have never had the finest reputation in culinary circles. Enduring memories of a certain Olympic breakfast have never quite been forgotten, even after Heston’s best efforts on the A303. These drab roadside rest-stops are nothing on the wondrous efforts of our continental neighbours, where along the Autoroute de Soleil heading southward in France you would find all kind of artisanal treats to purchase along with your gazole. You can buy local saucisson, pates, cheeses, conserves and all kinds of local produce. Shame on us then, that the full extent of our travelling lunches seems to consist of a soggy sandwich and a bag of aerated corn puffs.

The most unsettling offering of the service station is the ‘meat’ snack. These can come in many shapes or forms, from a classic salami stick (you know the ones) to paltry slivers of dried beef professing to hail from either South Africa or the Wild West. While the latter may be perfect for your bodybuilding needs, it aint going to cut the mustard in terms of flavour. You need to know exactly where your meat is coming from and how the products are made, which is where we come in…

We at Cannon & Cannon are here to offer you a chance at redemption. We cannot bear to see the great British public subjected to these industrialised meaty snacks and are going to  offer you a free replacement if you bring your unwanted snacks down to our Borough Market HQ. Your delicious substitute will not only champion artisanal British meat, but hopefully offer you so much more in terms of flavour and satisfaction. We will be running this amnesty for meat snacks from our unit here in Jubilee Place, Borough Market, so come along and dispose of these mass produced products and we’ll give you something beautiful in return.

Your delicious replacement, for the most part, will be our famous ‘Beersticks’ – sensational snacking salamis that sizzle with chilli heat. Should you be a fan of Biltong or Jerky, we’ve got the real thing waiting for you in all its umami-laden glory.

For the love of great meat, make ‘the exchange’. 


If you can’t get to Borough Market, don’t worry! You can get your hands on our amazing, high quality meat snacks by visiting our online shop.