Bringing the meat to the people – our charcuterie bar pops up tonight!

Hello folks, a quick one from me, Sean, with a little something I felt it important to share with our people as we are taking a rather important step tonight.

For a good few years now we have been supplying restaurants and pubs with our meats and hosting a variety of tasting evenings here at Meat School HQ in Borough Market and many of you have been kind enough to join in the fun. We have always hankered after our own place though – somewhere that we can showcase these phenomenal products we love so much paired with great drinks – and do it our way. Whilst we are some way off opening our first charcuterie bar, it is today that we for the first time trial out a C & C menu as we have been kindly invited to take over the kitchen at Hackney’s finest cocktail bar Machine No 3 on Thursday and Friday nights henceforth.

We will be serving up not only our infamous and generous platters of cold cuts, cheese and fermented pickles but also hot, grilled ‘Trenchers’ (our take on the Victorian street food concept of scooping out the middle of a loaf of bread and filling it with meat and gravy though we lose the gravy and add a shed load of melted cheese instead), Hackney made Nduja (spicy spreading sausage – see pic below) on sourdough toast drizzled with London honey and a fine selection of British farm cheeses to boot.

Better still, as we’re finding our feet and want to get as many of our friends over as possible, we are offering 20% off your food bill this week (today and tomorrow) if you quote the code ‘Subscriber’ when you book or get your bill. You can book by emailing 

Thanks guys – we hope this is the start of an exciting new adventure for C& C and British cured meat.