A note from Sean Cannon on C&C’s 6th Birthday

On this the day of our sixth birthday, the ever expanding Cannon & Cannon team feel very proud of what has been achieved but also very aware of the challenges that lie ahead.

The business of raising, careful slaughter and production into charcuterie of British meat is fraught with challenges as big business tries to hoover up not only the British pork supply but also the terminology we use to demonstrate quality provenance. I am constantly amazed at the behaviour of some of the multiple retailers in their tactics such as inventing non existent farms to demonstrate some provenance and of using the term ‘outdoor bred’ or ‘outdoor reared’ to attempt to hoodwink customers into thinking this means something other than the poor animal was simply walked outside for a few hours after, during or before birth. Truly appalling – and no wonder veganism and vegetarianism are on the rise.

Thankfully, we have a loyal band of supporters who trust us to pick through the complex world of provenance to find the very best and they continue to back us. Chefs, home cooks, meat snackers and customers at our markets and online both regular and local to occasional and global we salute you for backing us and we take that backing extremely seriously. Cannon & Cannon has grown into something way bigger and way more important than I ever planned for or envisaged it would. I realise we are not just a fun company who bring some cracking meats to market but we are one of a growing band of food brands who are charged by our customer loyalty with ensuring the best of British is reared, nurtured, marketed and delivered into the hands of you lot with true respect and proper diligence. We have done it for six years and we will do it for many, many more – so long as you keep telling us too and so long as you keep coming back to see us.

From every one of our team now of eighteen fantastic people, thank you for bringing us your custom, for seeking out our stall on chilly mornings and for reminding us each day why we do this and what we do it for.

Here’s to you lot and to six very happy years. Cheers!

On our 6th Birthday we’re delighted to offer you the chance to win a special prize of 6 fantastic British salamis and 6 British craft beers from Weird Beard Brew Co. right here in London. Just follow this link to enter!