The Ultimate Cannon & Cannon Christmas Board

Clear, cold and crisp mornings have arrived and here at Cannon & Cannon our minds are firmly fixed on the festive season. The indulgences of the period are what we all enjoy the most about Christmas, so I thought I would offer up a few of our favourite things to gobble down this Noel.

I have consulted my esteemed colleagues to bring you our perfect Cannon & Cannon Christmas board, preferably served on Christmas Eve with plenty of fizz. Each member of the C&C team has chosen their favourite product, so it makes for eclectic and interesting reading…

Mikaela – Dorset Air Dried Smoked Mutton – Our great Swedish colleague is becoming more British by the day and she’s chosen probably the most quintessentially British product we have. This smoked leg of mutton packs a punch of sweet, herbaceous sheepy-ness and smoke which is truly unique.

Woody – East Sussex Pork Collar – Coppa to our continental friends, this sweet, fatty cut is flavoured with Red Wine and garlic and makes for genuine rival to the Italian and Spanish versions.

Nicky – Welsh Blood, Wine and Chocolate Salami – It is so wrong it’s right. Don’t be put off by this odd combo, it will reward you with its layers of rich and beguiling flavours. Also it’ll impress your friends as you’ll look adventurous and sophisticated.

Jamie – Scottish Venison & Green Peppercorn Salami – Och aye, our resident Scot won’t be swayed from his roots. Jamie cannae get enough of this wild venison salami, studded with green peppercorns for a touch of Celtic fire and lightly smoked.

Sean – Hackney Pork Loin – Our great founder (not in a Mao-ist way) has chosen the purest expression of cured meat, a simple loin cured simply with a simple blend of salt, sugar and pepper. Simple.

Joe – Beersticks – I’m easy to please, me. The famous beerstick tops my list of moreish meaty snacks comfortably due to its versatility and enduring addictiveness. Stick these guys on your Christmas meat board and the whole family will thank you in spades.

Use this failsafe cured meat board this Christmas along with some fine Stitchelton blue cheese or Lincolnshire Poacher from our dear friends at Paxton & Whitfield Cheesemongers, fiery pickles from Vadasz Deli and maybe even some delicious sourdough bread from Bread Ahead.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Cannon & Cannon!