The New Pig in Town – Bespoke meaty offerings for the party season

Christmas. That’s it, I’ve done it. Mentioned Christmas.

This year is the same as all the others, as soon as the clock strikes September and the Bank holiday weekend is over, Christmas murmurings begin. “Where are you going to be this year?”, “How do the days fall?”, “When’s the Christmas party?”. These questions only serve to provide a sense of dread in my opinion, with the prospect of shorter days and wet weather blurring any excitement at the start of the festive season. ‘What a Grinch!’ I hear you cry.

What I can get on board with over the Christmas period is the attitude towards indulgence. At no other time of year is it acceptable to drink quite so excessively, demolish an entire plate of canapés before dinner or slip in to a coma after secretly polishing off the ends of the cheeseboard. All is fair in love and war as soon as December hits. This is where Cannon & Cannon come in.

I have been seconded, on occasion, to take our beautiful meaty wares to cater for business events and private parties across London. We can provide a selection of any of our British cured meat products, presented in our wooden crates, ranging from premium air dried hams to snacking salamis and locally-made biltong. We can also lean on our network of foodie contacts to provide sensational cheeses, moreish artisan breads and tangy London-made pickles. The ultimate market spread for your party, along with some of our beautiful faces thrown in to the bargain.

Not content with just providing culinary sensations for you and your guests, we are also able to arrange hands-on butchery experiences for a special event or celebration. Learn how to make bacon, sausages and all the butchery skills that will be sure to impress friends and loved ones. We can also provide drinks and more of those delicious market goodies to snack on once you’re finished. We also offer bespoke meat and wine or beer pairing evenings, hosted by one of our beautiful staff members (my good self), either at a venue of your choosing or at our Borough Market HQ.

So, if you are succumbing to the urge to plan for Noel, think about the utter indulgence we can provide, after all you’re allowed, it’s Christmas after all.

Last Christmas time we catered for a number of parties and events, all of which were a great success. We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to catering and event planning, so we’re always happy to cater to any bespoke requests (within reason…) you or your company may have.

If you’d like to discuss this with us, please email or call the office on 020 7403 5481.