The Great British Summer Charcuterie Board

There are few prettier things in our warped, meaty minds than a charcuterie board. A platter showcasing fine salamis and interesting cuts of spectacular cured meats is always sure to set mouths a-salivating. Fortunately, we are in the privileged position of having the finest British cured meats at our disposal so we should be able to assemble something particularly brilliant. Here is what we think makes the perfect board for sharing with your nearest and dearest this summer.

Cornish Chilli Chorizo – The British public’s favourite spicy sausage, chorizo, is often found in dastardly rings on supermarket shelves. This Cornish version is an entirely different animal (literally) – rare breed lop pigs make for soft and delicate meat which is paired with punchy chilli flakes and subtle paprika. Sure to add some pleasing heat to an unpredictable English summer.

East Sussex Pork Collar – Coppa to our continental friends, this sweet, fatty cut is flavoured with red wine and garlic and makes for genuine rival to the Italian and Spanish versions. Far more complex than you may imagine.

Welsh Veal, Pork, Lemon and Thyme Salami – As close to summer as a salami could possibly get. Welsh veal is blended with rare breed pork and then given a citrus and herbal lift with lemon zest and dried thyme. A surprisingly light and refreshing addition to the board.

Kentish Smoked Lamb – Few things evoke spring and the beginning of summer more than lamb. This sweet and herbaceous smoked lamb leg provides great contrast to a board. The smoke is light and pairs well with the honey and red wine used in the cure. Unique and intriguing.

Accompaniments – As much as we’d love to purely have a board of cured meat, exciting and flavoursome additions can compliment quality charcuterie incredibly well. Italian Nocellara olives are meaty and not overly salty, pickled cornichons provide a sharp kick and an onion chutney should hit the sweet spot. Sourdough bread and salted crackers will be an able vessel for all these goodies, but don’t forget to round everything off with a chilled glass of manzanilla or an ice cold pale ale.

Conveniently, you can find all of these wonderful meats at and also at our fantastic meat bar, Nape in Camberwell. Or visit one of our tasting evenings where we sample meats paired with craft beers and fine wines.